How to Format and Reinstall Windows 7 [SIMPLEST WAY]

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Formatting and installing a new copy of Windows is a great solution for many PC issues, but it takes time and all of your program data and settings are lost. You have to re-install all your drivers and software and configure them properly, so in this post, I will tell you the main reason for the expansion of formatting.

Soon or later, you are experiencing technical difficulties, such as slow shutdown, frequent reboots, blue screen errors, and boot failure with others. This is often the result of incomplete software installation and uninstalled Virus infection, other than inappropriate PC shutdown and software crash.
How to Format and Reinstall Windows 7
How to Format and Reinstall Windows 7

They are not unique and are being experienced by millions of users around the world. Nevertheless, proper troubleshooting skills can save you money and time, formatting required to format and re-install Windows clearly describes the article on how to format hard disks from the Windows installation disc.

This is a new copy of Windows. Here's how to lose your computer. It includes all installed application programs and device drivers.
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This tutorial shows the process of installing Windows 7 on a computer and installing it. Once honest and often download files from the internet or copy files. These habits can be transferred to your computer system and can defective/weaken the operating system (do not worry, I express feelings with). I hope this tutorial will help you to correct and repair your computer by formatting and restoring Windows 7.

Windows OS is normal to be slow after some time, but when you get to that place you can not execute anything properly, you know it's time to rebuild it. For my Windows 7 machine, after countless installation/displacement of different applications, it starts and behaves exceptionally. Apps start off sluggishly and I can not even get Windows updates. The best option for me is to reinstall the OS.

However, many people do not like to reconstruct (or they also hate) because they should resurrect their hard drive and probably lose some of their valuable data. In fact, you do not have to reboot the OS again even if your data will be retained even after restoration. Here's how you do it:

1. Reinstalling Windows 7 will erase system folders, program files, and my document folders. You will lose all the apps you already have installed. However, C: other users of Drive-created folders are still steady.

2. As always, do not forget to follow this tutorial.

3. Ensure that you have installer DVD or USB drive.

You Must Do Before you Format

Before formatting your root or C: drive, you will want to back up your important data about it. Here I am talking about data that includes your personal files, documents, videos, music, software setup. You can copy your data into another partition by copying it.

How to Format and Reinstall Windows 7

Formatting is a process that wipes all your data on hard disk partitions and creates a new file system by specifying you. Today's latest Windows operating system has been formatted with the new NTFS file system. Here we are talking about formatting a root drive/directory that means [c: \ in most computers] or drive is installed in your Windows OS. To format your boot drive you will need a bootable CD / DVD / disc for Windows OS that you are about to install.

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After formatting your root drive or partition, it will be empty and you can then install the latest copy of Windows OS. After installing Windows, you have to install device drivers and other software and programs.

When to format your PC
Here are some cases where you have to format your boot drive/partition and install a new copy of the Windows operating system on it.

Major virus/malware infection
A clean copy of Windows when your computer has major malware and virus infections is not able to detect and clear your antivirus and anti-malware software, formatting will remove all data including viruses and malware and you start with one Fresh Windows Installation

Recommended Antivirus: ESET NOD 32

Windows System File Corruption
When your Windows system files are very bad and you are not able to fix and restore them using Windows CD / DVD, then you have to format and install Windows as the final solution.

OS/computer Becomes Very Slow
When your computer becomes very slow and lazy at that time, you will want to open your computer for the latest Windows installation. The main reason for slowing down the OS is the establishment of various unwanted programs and software over time. Therefore proper care should be taken even after the format

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Corrupt Drivers
If your device gets corrupted and even if you are not working properly even when uninstalling and restoring, then you may want to create formats and windows with a clean installation. After that copy of the drivers

Continuous Hanging/Chilling of the OS
When you are very unresponsive and often hang or freeze between any process or work, you can change it and you can load the Windows OS again. This is due to bloatware(waste software program)

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