How to Fix Noisy Fan in Laptop [SOLVED]

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The fan is used for your laptop or CPU temperature in your Laptop/PC. It's located mostly on the left side of your laptop. Heats up or kills the heat generated from the processor through the heatsink
How to Fix Noisy Fan in Laptop
How to Fix Noisy Fan in Laptop

The fan is used to cool your processor or CPU temperature in your laptop. It is mostly located on the left side of your laptop. It throws or blows the heat generated from the processor through the heatsink located on the side of the laptop.

Generally, laptop fans are not so strong, but they can be very strong if you have problems with it or your laptop, and if you do not correct the problem, they will make serious damage to your laptop.

How to Fix Noisy Fan in Laptop

Here's a solution to fix the laptop fan making noise or not working

Here are some high-tech solutions that are in large volume, do not work and are heating your laptop.

You can not even focus on a noisy laptop fan. The culprit for a noisy laptop can usually be one of two - dust and heat. If you've been using your laptop fan for too long, you might wonder why the sound of white sounds is sound. You do not help focus - you're distracted and it's stopped.

Now, to go to the bottom of things, you need to tell that your laptop fan is more common than ever. Due to the cooling fan running on a fast and non-stop rate, it can be flawed. When it is necessary to get rid of heat or when it is in extreme workload, even if your laptop is compact, there is a possibility of dust accumulation. Confused dust can destroy your laptop system so it can be hot and noisy. The challenge here is how to cool your laptop and how to make the irritating noise fast. 
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High CPU Usage
High CPU usage continuously runs your laptop CPU fan which causes a lot of noise. Open your Windows Task Manager by pressing CTRL + ALT + Delete and see which process is high CPU usage. If the critical procedure is found, click on it and finish the process. Uninstall 70% of the application CPU usage if necessary - 100% running without any major application or program is continuous and you should be able to use CPU usage down.

Task Manager
Malware and Viruses are also the main cause of high CPU usage, so make sure your computer is free of any kind of malware or viruses. I recommend using ESET NOD32 Antivirus and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to keep such kind of malicious programs away.  

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Dirty & Dusty Fan
One of the main reasons for noise making is also a dirty and dusty fan. If the fan is too much dusty then it will not work or will work slow and thus your laptop will be closed in between any work due to excessive heat. Cover your laptop back and brush your laptop fan using the brush and then use the blower to remove all the dust and other particles from your fan and its heat sink.

Faulty Laptop Fan

It is possible that you have lost a fan, it may happen if the bearings in the laptop fan are damaged or they will dry up. If the fan bearings have been damaged then you have the bearings lubricating in the fan. You can use some light density oils like sewing machine oil to lubricate the fan bearings. It would be great if you could find recommended lubricants to lubricate your laptop fan with your laptop manufacturer.

To replace your laptop fan, move your laptop to the authorized service center and take it there. If you can do it yourself, make sure you get serious problems in the near future.

Faulty Motherboard
Sometimes a defective motherboard can cause loud noise from your laptop fan. If your motherboard is not throttling fan speed and CPU clock speed and it is providing more voltage, then this will cause the fan to spread its full potential and thus it will be a big noise. To check usage equipment like Speed Fan and note your CPU fan RPM and voltage. If they are more than normal then this is a sign of the problem

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