Best Way to Protect Your Mobile Screen from Scratches [SIMPLEST WAY]

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The touchscreen is one of the most important parts of your smartphone. This is the only unit through which you can communicate with your smartphone

Replacing the smartphone's original touchscreen is very expensive, so you have to take your smartphone's screen at any cost. I will share some tips on how to avoid touching your smartphone's touchscreen or getting scratched or damaged.

Best Way to Protect Your Mobile Screen from Scratches
Best Way to Protect Your Mobile Screen from Scratches

Best Way to Protect Your Mobile Screen from Scratches

Tips to keep your touchscreen away from scratch and damage
Here are some very important tips that can help you save money from scratch and damage.

Do not keep your phone upside down

Do not keep your phone upside down, that is, resting on the screen surface. To avoid any minor scratches on the touchscreen, always keep your phone on your back/battery side and do not put anything on the phone's screen
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Do not put any sharp object

Do not keep things like keys, metal or sharp items in your phones pocket, always put you in your trouser pocket and reserve pockets only for your smartphone and handkerchief. Never put your smartphone in your pocket because your smartphone and its touchscreen have a lot of chance to get damaged.

Use Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Use the good quality tempered glass screen protector because they are protecting from scratch You can also use the tempered glass screen protector on the smartphone that comes with Gorilla Glass or Dragonfly Glass. This will give extra power and hardness to your smartphone screen

Regularly clean touchscreen

Clean your smartphone Do not clean it with dry cloth because it causes small scratches due to the dust already present on the touchscreen of your smartphone. Use only some water to wash clothes and never use any chemical or other solution.

Do not use dirty hands

Avoid using dirty hands on your smartphone’s screen. If your hands get dirty then wash them and then use it on your phone’s touchscreen.

Change screen protector when damaged

When damaged to protect your smartphone screen from any future damage, immediately change your tempered glass screen protector.

Different Types of Mobile Phone Covers
If you wish to protect your mobile phone or smartphone from accidental drops and damage, then you can use a mobile phone cover or case for it. Apart from this, if you are a casual user, then this is a phone cover for your mobile phone or smartphone. Different types of mobile phone covers are available in the market and everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Some mobile covers or cases can protect the entire phone and some of them only protect the phone body, not the display screen. To protect the screen, you have used a good quality screen protector with a hardness rating of 9D if you do not have Gorilla Glass or Dragonfly glass protection on your display screen.

Benefits of mobile cover

Security - Mobile cover protects your phone from damage from accidental drops, shocks, haze, and sharp objects. Most mobile cases, then a good glass screen protector

Increases phone life - If your phone is without any damage then the life of your phone will increase and it will last longer. Apart from this, you can get better resale value for this

Types of Mobile Phone Covers

Here are various types of mobile cover or cell phone cases that can be used to protect your mobile phone or smartphone from being damaged. Apart from this, I will list the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone cases or cover (pros and cons).

Transparent silicone back cover or gel case

These covers are made of silicon and are completely transparent. These covers are soft, flexible and they are also known as prison cases or covers. These silicone covers provide good fitting on your phone because of your flexible nature and provide decent security to your phone system with accidental drops, collisions, and jerks. It only covers the protection of your display screen, you have a well-tempered glass screen protector of 9H hardness rating.

The main advantage of this gel cover is that the basic form of your phone is because it is transparent, light and very compact. The main issue with this cover is that its transparency is very sharp and suffers from scratches. Even in hot conditions, it can be sticky and its size can be loose.

Soft to grip
Looks Good
Does not crack

Plastic Back Cover
The plastic cover is one of the most commonly used and easily available covers in the market for almost all mobile phones. Plastic covers are tough and can be transparent or come with fancy design and appearance. Plastic covers provide a decent amount of screen as it is. You have the right to cover the plastic cover in a matte finish.

The main concerns for plastic cover are that they can ruin the basic form of your phone and when you leave your phone, they can be easily cracked and therefore you will need to buy another cover. The bright plastic cover can be very slippery and therefore it is not easy to catch them.


Not affected by temperature
Not so expensive
Available in fancy colors and design

Hybrid Back Cover
Hybrid cases are among the most difficult cases and offer excellent protection. The hybrid back cover is also called a hybrid military grade armor case. Generally, there are two layered protections in these hybrid cases where the ballistic shock absorber polymer is involved in the first layers and in the second layer, the hard impact resistant polycarbonate is opened. These cases can also come with the manufacturer.

In case of the hybrid back cover, the phone body provides excellent protection with effect from drops, shocks and sharp objects. Although the screen is not protected by this cover and the hybrid cover makes the phone heavier and increases its weight. This is also the basic form of the phone

Excellent protection
Provides good grip

Rubberized Back Cover
It is also a back cover made of rubber or similar material. They provide great protection They do not provide such protection, the fittings become looser The advantage of the rubber back cover is that they are not scratches, provide good grip and are relatively cheap. Some rubberized cases have been approved. You can also find rubber cases in different color schemes.


Do not crack
Provides good grip
Do not get scratch

Flip Cover or Case
The flip cover is one of the most popular mobile covers, which provides complete protection over your phone. A flip cover case can be made with leather, PU leather or solid protection layer inside the fabric. A flip cover is expensive but it also secures the phone body and the screen. A flip cover case is also called a diagonal case or wallet due to their similarity.

Some flip covers also provide pockets under front flaps where you can store some cash or money inside it. The disadvantage of the flip case flap flip cover case is that it makes the phone bigger and somewhat heavy, but with the display, it is the best case for big smartphones (5.5 inches and above).


Excellent security for body and screen
Some pocket offer

Metal Back Case Cover
For protecting the phone body, metal back cover or case metal is made. The metal used in these cases is usually aluminum or some other alloy. If it is good then the metal may look good and it also provides excellent body protection

In the case of metal cases, heating of the phone is less as compared to other cases because the metal is a good conductor of heat and it has been exposed to heat in the surrounding areas. The main disadvantage of metal cases is that it makes your phone heavier than other cases mentioned above. They are expensive and are not available for all mobile phones or smartphones.

feels good
Better heat wastage
Very good body protection

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